Slash - Same Shit Different DJ t-shirt

Slash-Same-Shit-Different-DJ Ashba.  PYGOD.COM

Our version of the T-shirt  worn by Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash as a punt intended to Slash impersonator DJ Ashba. 

Also ideal to wear at a Rave Party or in da Club when you get tired of the same old House music.

Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour (UST) logo T-shirt

Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour™ (UST™).

Who is The World's Greatest Fighter™? This question is answered by the Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour™ aka as the UST™. For more information please visit SLAUGHTERSPORT.COM.

SLAUGHTERSPORT™ has a clothing line to satisfy its many followers. Combat Sports isn't just a passion its a lifestyle.

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