Corporate Magazines Still Suck Kurt Cobain t-shirt

Fuck You Very Much Slash t-shirt

If You Don't Like Oral Sex Keep Your Mouth Shut Slash t-shirt

Inspired by the T-shirt was worn by Slash in his Guns N' Roses years. "If You Don't Like Oral Sex Keep Your Mouth Shut!" is a sentence that we will all get behind.

Shit Happens Axl Rose t-shirt

GOD SMOKES CRACK Nikki Sixx Motley Crue t-shirt

Axl Rose - Nobody Knows I'm A Lesbian t-shirt

This exact same T-shirt was worn by the controversial Guns N' Roses leader Axl Rose.  Nobody Knows I'm A Lesbian.

In fact, his own name Axl Rose is an anagram for "oral sex". 

And I'm sure several heterosexual guys, including myself, think the same way.

Another The Black and White version of the

NPA National Pimp Association T-Shirt

Ronnie Coleman Shut Up And Squat t shirt

Arnold Is Numero Uno T-shirt