NO GLOVE NO LOVE shirt Steven Tyler Aerosmith

NO GLOVE NO LOVE shirt Steven Tyler Aerosmith promoting safe-sex.

NO GLOVE NO LOVE is a safe-sex slogan since at least 1986. 
Which mean Without a condom, there will be no sex.
Just like "don't be a fool, wrap your tool" slogan. There are consequences to not wearing a condom on your penis.

The best marketing such a slogan can get is to see somebody as cool as Steven Tyler of Aerosmith wearing "NO GLOVE NO LOVE" on bold letter on his sleeveless black shirt.
Nonetheless, I'm not 100% sure if Steven Tyler and his Aerosmith rock n' roll band were always practicing safe-sex with their endless hordes of groupies they must have fucked when they weren't high on heroin or anything else!??!

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