P.L.U.R. Peace Love Unity Respect

PLUR Peace Love Unity Respect is more than just a slogan in the rave scene. It's a lifestyle! Here below is the legit raver's manifesto created 30 years ago.

Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect: The Raver’s Manifesto

Peace – Letting go of fear and living at peace with oneself, one another, and the planet for a greater good
Love – As one learns to love oneself, one is able to love everyone else unconditionally
Unity – A mutual, corporate bond is formed resulting from the love and peace experienced with one another
Respect – Because of peace love and unity, one can accept others regardless of their beliefs or background

PLUR Peace Love Unity Respect  PYGOD.COMPLUR Peace Love Unity Respect  PYGOD.COM
PLUR Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect  PYGOD.COM

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"TELL YOUR KIDS THE TRUTH" - Axl Rose t-shirt

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"I wear a shirt onstage sometimes that say, TELL YOUR KIDS THE TRUTH. I was denied what happened to me, who I was, where I came from. I was denied my own existence, and I've been fighting for it ever since. There's a screaming two-year old inside me who's real pissed off and hides. He won't show himself that often, even to me because I couldn't protect him. The world didn't protect him. Women didn't protect him and basically thought he should be put out of existence. You have a right to fight for yourself."

Axl Rose was a rape victim at the age of two years old.

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